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Cleaning Supply Checklist

    • Sponge mop
    • Soft  broom
    • Scrub brush
    • Swifter duster – One regular and on e extended for high surfaces
    • Dust towels – for polishing
    • Cleaning towels – we typically use these a lot. 
      *Please make sure you have enough for your entire home, including the floors
    • No Scratch Scotch Brite
    • A good vacuum cleaner
    • Trash bags
    • Stainless steel cleaner – stainless steel appliances only
    • Mr. Clean
    • White Vinegar           
    • Murphy’s Oil Soap
    • Lysol  Kitchen Cleaner                       
    • Soft Scrub
    • Clorox Clean-up
    • Telex Mold & Mildew
    • Pledge anti-dust formula
    • Windex multi-task
    • A bucket
    • Cleaning basket – to carry supplies efficiently, or another plastic bucket


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Cleaning Supplies
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